Well known writer takes swipe at Arch. Villegas for "pretending what God wanted": 'You will never be godly'

Compiled photo of Krizette Laureta Chu and a screen-capped image of ABS CBN's news article featuring Archbishop Soc Villegas

'Are you going to betray your God by your vote?"

This is recent comment of Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas in a video he posted on Facebook.

The eight-minute video posted was a compilation of clips of President Rodrigo Duterte lashing out against the Church and its prelates.

"The Lord said, are you betraying the son of man with a kiss? My dear brothers and sisters, are you going to betray God? Are you going to deny your faith by your vote?" Villegas said in the video, while showing snippets of the president ranting against the Church

Meanwhile, social media personality and a fierce supporter of the President, Krizette Laureta Chu 
also took a swipe at Villegas over the remarks.

In her post, Chu, also a known writer called Villegas a “hypocrite” saying the prelate pretended to know what God wanted.
Chu also pointed out the Villegas broke so many rules for meddling in politics.

Her complete post reads:

Oh no you didn't.

This hypocrite just spoke for God. Soc Villegas just pretended to know what God wanted.
You dimwit, you just broke so many rules.

1. Pretending to know what God wants and speaking for Him

2. Removing the freedom of choice, free will, that God gifted for every human.

3. Denying that everything that happens--including who gets the Presidency--is planned by God.

You dictatorial piece of shit. Who knows better, you? You, whose bishops beg for nice cars from politicians; you, who cannot police his pedophile priests, who has secret rules for married priests, who crave power so much, who deny women their right to own their bodies, who condemn the LGBT for living their honest lives and yet whose church is full of LGBT priests? You, who teach people to judge, hate, and speak for God?

Try to excommunicate me, you useless, corrupt, soulless, interloper of the Church.

If anything, you are the Judas in the flock . You are the furthest thing from Jesus. You will never be Jesus, and you will never be godly, you pretentious, power hungry fool.

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