Lasallians hit university president Luistro for ‘stand with Maria Ressa' appeal: 'keep your politics away from school'

Photo by The LaSallian and Philstar (ctto)

A post by De La Salle University of Manila President Br. Armin Luistro on the De La Salle Philippines page where he asked Lasallians to support Rappler and Maria Ressa has backfired.

Luistro encouraged the community to make their voices heard and “vote with their feet” by standing with the arrested journalist.

However, he seemed not getting the support he is expecting from the students because current and former Lasallians were instead asking him to keep his politics away from their page and out of the school matters.

Here are some comments on La Salle’s page:

“What garbage post is this? Why are you coercing your students to support her side? Why not present the facts and let them decide? Political bullshit move. “

“Wtf! This is the only time I feel ashamed to be associated with my school!”

“Her case was cyber libel. Pls wag tanga nakakahiya

“Bro Armin, Secretary of Education under Aquino, is using La Salle to further their political biases.

As a La Sallian alumna, as a practitioner of media and a Comm Arts and Publishing graduate, as a former The Lasallian staffer, I refuse to allow Maria Ressa to get away with weaponizing media and using this issue to raise more funds for Rappler, which has been trying to raise funds in a long time.

Why do we allow someone who does not even respect Philippine Constitution, and is not even Filipino (she's an American citizen, isn't she), get away with manufacturing her own truths?

She is charged with libel by a private individual. LET THAT TRUTH STICK, if you are for truth.”

“ I'm a Lasallian but I DO NOT SUPPORT RAPPLER. I urge the Lasallian brothers not to be political and be a mouthpiece of the opposition.”

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