Duterte to Daraga mayor: Sasampalin kita diyan! Ilalampaso kita!

Composite photo President Rodrigo Duterte and Daraga Mayor Carlwyn Baldo from Google 

Manila, Philippines - President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday said that he will slap and drag Daraga Mayor Carlwyn Baldo on the ground.

Philippine National Police has accused Baldo of being the mastermind behind the killing of AKO Bicol Party-list Rodel Batocabe.

The mayor was also tagged by the main gunman who surrendered to the authorities on Thursday.

“Itong mga politiko… I know I’m just appealing to you. Let the people vote freely. Wala lang tayong mga — you know, ‘yung terrorism. Kami sa Mindanao, lahat nga may armas but we don’t endorse into killing except itong mga ibang lugar. Mostly dito sa Moro land. Eh mahilig talaga ng patayan ‘yan,” The president said in a speech in Tagaytay City.

“Pero ‘yung sa labas, gaya nung pumunta ako ng Albay. Oo sinabi ko, ‘P***** i** mo, ‘pag merong isang…’ Meron man talaga tatakbo, ‘yung relative, the wife, or the son. ‘Do not — kasi ‘pag ginawa mo ‘yan, puntahan kita dito, p***** i** mo, sampalin kita diyan sa munisipyo mo. You want to try it? Sige. Bukas nandoon ako. ‘Pag hindi kita nilampaso diyan sa…’,” added the President.

Suspect Henry Yuson, an alleged former member of the New People’s Army who later on became a militiaman, has submitted himself to an army unit in Sorsogon.

The suspect claimed that Baldo offered P5 million for Batocabe’s head, but the incumbent Daraga mayor did not give them the money after his group gunned down the lawmaker.

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