Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Alejano files bill seeking to qualify media killings as crime under Revised Penal Code

Magdalo party list representative Gary Alejano / photo from Manila Bulletin

Manila, Philippines - Magdalo party-list rep. and senatorial aspirant Gary Alejano has filed a bill seeking to qualify the killings of members of the media while performing their jobs as a crime of murder punishable under the Revised Penal Code.

“Members of the broadcast and print media still suffer from continued harassment, threats and even death from influential political families, mega corporations, and the national government itself for speaking truth to power over the abuses and corruption of these entities.”Alejano said upon filing the bill

Alejano, who is a staunched critic of the president, cited the crucial role of the press, both broadcast and print media members in serving as a mouthpiece for those who have been silenced, or suppressed.

“They speak of the evils that nobody seems to notice or even care for and this places them on the sights of degenerate men who would prefer that they keep their silence as they continue to do their usual dirty business,” Alejano said.

“Knowing this and acknowledging that a free press is critical in maintaining a strong and vibrant democracy, it must therefore be the government’s imperative to protect the right of the press to shine light on the undiscovered truths of the country, ” the Magdalo rep. said

He explained that under his proposed bill, the Revised Penal Code shall be amended to include the killing of the broadcast and print media members as murder punishable under Article 248 of the Code.