Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Gordon backs Duterte on military necessity at BOC: Unabated entry of shabu in PH is 'lawless violence'

Senate Blue Ribbon panel chairman Richard Gordon / photo from Google

Manila, Philippines - The unstoppable entry of shabu in the country has left President Rodrigo Duterte with no choice but to temporarily let the military take over the Bureau of Customs (BOC) while its personnel are placed on ‘floating status’.

With this, some opposition senators questioned the decision of the chief executive saying it was against the Constitution.

Meanwhile, Senator Richard Gordon, who chairs the Senate Blue Ribbon panel, thinks otherwise and justified the President Duterte’s decision to put the corruption-laden Customs under the military supervision amid the rampant shabu smuggling.

Gordon said, the unabated entry of shabu, valued at billions of pesos, is lawless violence that justifies the necessity of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to fight against corrupt officials and personnel of the bureau.

On Tuesday, the Senate panel conducted a hearing about the recent large-scale shipment of shabu, supposedly valued at P11 billion, which had slipped the BOC security check while hidden inside the massive magnetic lifters that were later on, found by the authorities empty.

According to reports, one batch of of the magnetic lifters was shipped from Malaysia, the other was from Vietnam.

Shipments were discovered at the Manila International Container Port on August 7 and a warehouse in Cavite the following day.

“Malinaw na malala ang smuggling operations and we are under siege. Kaya ang nakikita ko, may lawless violence, and it is the entry of drugs at the Customs that brings violence to the people,” Gordon said addressing the media.

Source: GMA News