Digong takot umuwi ng Davao: 'lalo na si Inday, hindi ko tlaga kaya. Pa-cool off muna ako ilang araw sa Maynila"

After the kiss with a Filipina in Seoul Korea, that has gotten President Rodrigo Duterte into trouble,  the chief executive said that he would be staying in Manila for a few days to calm the situation.

In Tuesday, the president said that he is afraid to face his second daughter in Davao City, he’s wary of hearing his daughter’s reaction in front of him.

“‘Si Inday at yung isang anak ko ‘yun talaga selosa ‘yun. Baka she will put me to task. I expect my second daughter to say something about it in front of me,” the president said in a press conference after his 3-day state visit in South Korea.

The president has two daughters, now Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte and teenager Veronica or Kitty Duterte.

The tough president expressed that he cannot take quarreling with his daughters.

“Kaya ayaw ko munang umuwi eh. Pakalmahin muna natin… Every time a daughter comments… lalo na si Inday, hindi ko talaga kaya. Pa-cool off muna ako dito ng ilang araw sa Maynila,” he said.

The president has recently sparked another controversy after kissing a Filipina expat in Seoul, during his meeting with the Filipino Community there.

The woman, Bea Kim, have already issued her statement that the kiss was all for fun of everybody and does not have malice at all.

 Source: Abante

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