US-based blogger to Trillanes on tagging PRRD as 'woman hater': 'with all his profanity, the man knows when to give love'

Photo file of Sen. Antonio Trillanes (ctto)

US-based blogger and one of President Duterte’s supporter Edwin Jamora blasts Senator Antonio Trillanes for branding the chief executive as a woman hater.

On his social media post, Trillanes said;

“Mr. Duterte, what kind of high or power trip do you get whenever you cuss women? Wala ka ba talagang natutunan sa mga nagpalaki sayo?”

On his post, Trillanes hits PRRD over his cuss to women

Check out the complete post of Mr. Jamora through his Facebook account;


Hoy! Mr. Trillanes!

Let me start with this.

We know Duterte! His putang ina can collect P6 billion in taxes! His putang ina can evict Prieto slum dweller in Mile property!

His hero is Vladimir Putin. His love is Xi Jinping. His buddy is Trump! He insulted the Pope! He cussed Obama! I know that baffles you because you can't get into his list!

In other words, profanity laden speech is sardinas to him! But the man knows when to give love. Got me?!

He cussed every single gadem monkey in the world who would wet their gadem feet on Philippines domestic affairs like EU, UN, ICC but most especially the UN Special Poropotor Callamard and the ICC's Special Persecutor Basouda!

True, he joked about rape!

True, he joked about shooting aahhh errr (hirap bigkasin puta!) ahh vaginas! But he was referring to NPAs!

Self-confessed babaero si Digong! A womanizer! Remember what he said?! “I can’t imagine life without Viagra.”

And you're branding him as women hater?!

Qui qui mum... wait. Mali. Sup*t!  


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