Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Missing funds for SAF commandos returned after 2 years - Dela Rosa

Good news for our Special Action Force (SAF) Commandos after two years of not receiving their daily allowance.

Outgoing Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa, announced that police commandos will start receiving their due allowances after almost half of SAF budget was returned.

According to Dela Rosa, new  SAF commander, Director NoliTalino, started distributing the funds since Monday after a total of P37 million was given back.

“They are trying to return the money. Maybe the money is in their hands and they just did not release it, and now that a case was already filed, they released,” said Dela Rosa.

Reportedly, there was only P10 million returned, but a day after the plunder case was filed to officers involved before the Ombudsman, another P27 million was returned.

former SAF commander Director Benjamin Lusad and former SAF budget officer Senior Supt. Andre Dizon were the reported involved officers who were sacked from their positions together with certain SPO2 Maila Bustamante and SPO1 James Irica.

“I relieved them and put them under the Office of the Chief PNP then to the PHAU (Personnel Holding and Accounting Unit) to give way to an impartial investigation,” said dela Rosa.

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