Friday, April 27, 2018

Alleged communists (CPP) group behind the case filed in behalf of Boracay's displaced workers - says a former Ambassador

From right photo, gov't forces with Cimatu giving assurance to displaced Boracay workers/ Left is the organization logo of NUPL  (ctto)

Surprisingly, a case was filed at the Supreme Court the other day, asking it to stop the government from closing the famous tourist destination Boracay Island for six months - this, according to the research conducted by former Ambassador and Manila Times columnist Rigoberto Tiglao.

In his Opinion column published on April 27, Tiglao reiterated that government has every right to  sequester  the  island from tourists and have it rehabilitated, in accordance to the law.

"BORACAY’s “landowners,” its ruling class as it were, have been aware of the two decisions of the Supreme Court, in 2008 and 2016, that declared unequivocally that the island is almost entirely—except for a few titles issued to private individuals in 1933—state-owned" Tiglao wrote.

This serve as an enlightenment as to why there were no reported claimant or people who attempted to file a case disputing the island's closure, as ordered by President Rodrigo Duterte.

It was more suprising and annoying to learn that it was actually the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) that is behind the case filed at the SC.

"It turns out after I read the reports and did some quick research, that it is actually the Communist Party of the Philippines that is behind that move. It is intended to rouse the militancy of the islands’ working classes and even its upper and middle classes against President Duterte’s order to close it, by giving them a false hope that the high court will rule against it." Tiglao wrote.

According to the complaint filed the “government is depriving them of the basic human right to work”. And with this kind of argument, Tiglao’s reasoning is astonishing.

“Going by that argument, the rights of the technicians in a shabu laboratory or even prostitutes in a massage parlor would be deprived of their human rights if government closes their “places of work.”” He said.

“It seems to be another communist tactic—as they have done in so many cases, for example of squatters being ejected—to exploit any issue to fire up the masses and in this case even the “bourgeoisie“ in Boracay against government. Indeed, if the Supreme Court has declared that the island is owned by the state, then Boracay has been the country’s biggest colony of squatters, and they have even turned the island into, using Duterte’s term, a “cesspool.”” Tiglao continued, highlighting the very big difference that these squatters are actually very rich.

In line with this, it was observed that mainstream media reports recently have been focused on how “angry” the displaced workers were over the decision of Duterte to close the island for cleaning.

“The reality is that only three people were on record as the petitioners whom one paper identified as “Mark Anthony Zabal, who builds sand castles; Thiting Jacosalem, who drives tourists and workers; and Odon Bandiola, a non-resident who frequents Boracay for business and pleasure.””

Tiglao revealed that some lawyers from the National Union of People’s Lawyers (NUPL) were behind the petition, who claims that they were just helping the poor workers.

“Whether its members realize it or not, the NULP is under the firm control of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) as much it controls the National Democratic Front, the New Peoples’ Army, and the underground Kabataang Makabayan. Check out its website, and you will read about their activities, which are the usual agit-prop projects of Red organizations.” Tiglao said.

Source: Manila Times