Monday, March 12, 2018

SolGen dares Sereno:"trust" her colleagues in the supreme court in settling quo warranto issue

The Solicitor General has an advice to the top magistrate of the land.

Jose Calida who filed a quo warranto petition to the Supreme Court asking the High court to void Maria Lourdres Sereno appointment as Chief Justice last week. The Office of the Solicitor General  reasons out that Sereno is "unlawfully holding" her post due to her alleged failure to fully disclose her wealth, and has cited the Chief Justice for “usurpation of a public office.”

The camp of the Chief justice questions the move of the OSG, saying that only by way of an impeachment proceeding that Sereno can be ousted from being a member of the Supreme Court.  

SolGen Calida when asked about the Chief Justice questioning his move in filing the quo warranto proceeding urged Sereno to "trust" her colleagues in the Supreme Court in settling the quo warrant to petition filed against her.

“If indeed Sereno is the champion of judicial independence, why doesn’t she trust her peers and colleagues at the Supreme Court to judge the quo warranto case filed against her?” Calida said in a series of tweets over the weekend.

Calida slams Sereno for projecting herself as a "crusader of judicial independence" but at the same time persuading her fellow Supreme Court justices not to entertain the quo warranto petition filed by the OSG.

“Instead, Sereno insists that the politicians in the Senate should try and judge her. Why is she afraid of the judiciary?” Calida added.

“Does she believe that the senators are more adept than the Supreme Court justices in resolving constitutional and legal issues,” the republic’s top lawyer asked.

With this, the Solicitor General stressed “Sereno is not fighting for judicial independence.”

“On the contrary, she is degrading and weakening the judiciary. How can the judiciary be independent when its “Chief Justice” relies on the legislature to decide her case? Isn’t that a brazen hypocrisy?” hthe SolGen said. 

The lawyers of the Chief Justice issued a statement in urging the Supreme Court en banc not to entertain the SolGen’s quo warranto petition calling it a “baseless” case.

Chief Justice Sereno is currently on an indefinite leave of absence, stating that she will use it for the preparation of her trial at the Senate.

Source: PNA