Some senators, congressmen, mayors, and vice-mayors fund communist rebels - military sources

Photo file from Manila Times (ctto)

Elected officials, including Senators and Congressmen have been indirectly funding New People’s Army (NPA) rebels - this was according to an article posted by the Manila Times.

In the said news site, an anonymous source revealed that mayors and vice mayors, partymates of the lawmakers - were serving as the “couriers” in distributing the funds to the rebels.

The source also told the Manila Times that lawmakers and senators are aware where the money goes.

“They (mayors and vice mayors) serve as couriers. The senators and congressmen are aware of this kind of deal and are aware of where their money is going,” the source said when asked whether the donors had an idea about the deal.

“They (NPA) do not choose whether what political party is there. What is important to them is where they can get their funds swiftly,” the person added.

Though it is happening, the source said that an evidence  is needed before legal charges could be filed against these national officials or the “couriers”.

“Once a warrant has been released, that’s the time when we can arrest them for supporting terrorism, the source said.

Also, another unnamed source confirmed that there were local officials in Davao region who were allegedly funding the NPAs too.

There are about 20 to 30 politicians, most of them are mayors, village chiefs, vice mayors - the source said, noting that most of the village leaders were from the provinces of Davao del Sur and Davao del Norte.

The mayors and vice mayors, on the other hand were allegedly from Campostela Valley.
“[Their names] just come out from the debriefing of those [NPA rebels] who have surrendered to us,” the source said.

“The list is regularly updated. We need to have case build-up once terrorist tag on NPA is approved by the court…We have to study how to approach this issue to be effective against them,” he added.

Source: Manila Times

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