BI: Foreigners 'disrespectful' or 'rude' to Filipino Immigration officers will be barred from entering PH

It’s more fun in the Philippines, but foreigners should  at the very onset should behave.

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) is somewhat getting stern in the implementation of a memorandum order that was issued way back in 2001.

Former Bureau of Immigration Chief Andrea Domingo issued a memorandum order last March 29, 2001 which states that foreigners “who show disrespect” or “make offensive utterances” to immigration officers will be denied entry in the country.
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So for those visiting foreigners who are rude, disrespectful , racists towards immigration officers in the country’s airports/ports  will be barred there and then from entering the Philippines.

Bureau of Immigration (BI) Commissioner Jaime Morente made the remark after the BI ports operation division reported that about 74 foreigners were turned away at the country’s ports last year (2017) for being “disrespectful” to immigration officers.

“The entry and stay of foreigners in the country is not a right but a mere privilege,” Morente said in a statement.  “Thus, they ought to show respect and courtesy to immigration officers upon their arrival in our ports of entry.”

Chief Marc Red Mariñas, of the BI ports operation division, disclosed that aside from being turned away, rude foreigners would also be blacklisted.

“Domingo’s memorandum provides not only for the exclusion of a rude foreign passenger but also his inclusion in the immigration blacklist that prevents him from returning to the Philippines,” Mariñas explained.

“This is done to teach these arrogant and discourteous foreigners the lesson that ours is a sovereign country whose authority they should respect,” he stressed.

Atty. Antonette Mangrobang clarified that blacklisted foreigners, may submit a request to the BI commissioner for his removal by “citing meritorious reasons and apologizing for his misconduct.”

Report from PDI

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