Friday, November 10, 2017

Trump praised Philippines for taking the lead on women empowerment and gender equality

Photo file from CNN (ctto)

United States President Donald Trump lauded the Philippines for its unparalleled efforts in addressing the gender equality and promote women empowerment in business sectors and also politics.

As he addresses the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)-CEO Summit held in Vietnam, Trump praised the Philippines for continuously on high ranking in the recent World Economic Forum global gender gap report.

“The Philippines has emerged as a proud nation of strong and devout families,” Trump said in his speech at the Ariyana Da Nang Exhibition Center on Friday.

“For 11 consecutive years, the World Economic Forum has ranked the Philippines first among Asian countries in closing the gender gap and embracing women leaders in business and in politics,” he added, noting that Philippines aside from several Asian countries showed “incredible transformation that we have seen across the region.”

Though the Philippines fell three notches on worst performance in terms of wage equality, it has remained the most gender equal country in Asia, placing 10th in the global ranking with a score of 0.790.

The speech of US President Trump came before President Rodrigo Duterte’s bilateral meeting the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The bilateral meeting between the two was arranged on the sidelines of the Association of the Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit to be held in Manila next week.