Russia to do business with PH, eyes to build light metro trail for Baguio and La Trinidad, nuke energy too

President Duterte and President Putin shakes hand (ctto)

In the wake of the bilateral meeting between Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Palace announced some good news.

In a statement, Palace Spokesman Harry Roque disclosed that Russia is eyeing transportation and energy deals, which also includes nuclear energy with the Philippines.

Palace also shared that the bilateral meeting between Philippines and Russia is good and constructive.

“Putin said that the bilateral relationship between the Philippines and Russia is positive and constructive. Russians would like to do trade with the Philippines. There are Russian companies wanting to invest in transportation [projects], including a subway, and he [Putin] even made particular mention of the interest to build a light metro rail for Baguio and La Trinidad,” Presidential Spokesman Roque said.

“They (Russia) have corporations that would like to do business in the field of energy, and there is a company that is promoting nuclear energy which likes to have business dealings with the Philippines,” Roque added.

Also, he disclosed that the said agreements would soon be signed during the Philippine’s hosting of the Association of the Southeast Asian Nation (ASEAN) summit on November 12 to 14. The Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev is also attending the summit.

Earlier, President Duterte thanked President Putin for his continues support for the Philippines, following the turn over of 20 army trucks and 5,000 Kalashnikov rifles last October.

Mr. Duterte promised that Philippines will continuously purchase weapons in the future from Russia.

The spokesman also mentioned an invitation to the Philippine military to train in Russia, likewise, Russia plans to appoint a military representative be stationed in Manila.

“We look forward to signing military and technical agreements [with Russia]. They’re also very interested in selling aircrafts, and helicopters. They want to sell at least 10 high-speed boats and other types of boats,” Roque added.

Source: Manila Times

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