Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Writer sends a very inspiring message for Duterte supporters to give hope and faith, "NOTHING WORTH HAVING EVER COMES EASY."

In one of her lengthy Facebook post, writer and blogger Krizette laureta Chu sends a message to the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Her heartfelt message was meant to bring hope and faith for the Filipinos who experience hardships for supporting “what many call a madman and a dictator” as they accept insults and being belittled.

Check out her Facebook post below;

Nothing worth having ever comes easy.

That's what I tell myself when things get discouraging and I have to give myself a pep talk.

That's what I tell myself when I hear that the U.K. DDS members are harassed--pushed in buses, heckled--for supporting what many call a madman and a dictator. Hang in there, Moe Wicks.

That's what I tell myself when the establishment work together to belittle, demean, and destabilize this government so they can maintain the status quo.

That's what I tell myself when it feels like--wait lang, aren't we supposed to be the ones who feel victorious--and the opposite happens, and many supporters are treated like the minority?

That's what I tell myself when a relatives gets a "reminder" from someone who tells her to warn me not to talk about a certain issue because "magkaka kilala naman daw kami" at "nakaka apekto ng pamilya."

That's what I tell myself when supporting this government, its policies, seem like an uphill climb.

That's what I tell myself when I look at our politicians and see in them not a shred of love for this country. CAN WE PLEASE PLEASE ELECT GOOD LEADERS WHO LOVE THIS COUNTRY? More than a masteral education or flawless oratorical skills, can we choose to discern who really loves this country? Who feels passion for it the way we do?

That's what I tell myself when I see how disempowered and ignorant people are in the provinces. And they have been kept ignorant because to keep them ignorant is to keep them tame, and to keep them tame is to maintain the balance of power.

Ang dami dami dami dami dami pang gagawin. How can you untangle the web of deceit, lies, corruption, evil that have weaved itself into the very fabric of our society in the past 30-50 years? How can you undo it in just 6 years?

Naugatan na ang masasamang politico. Sanay na sila to be in power. Power and privilege have been a way of life for them. Do we really expect for them to give it up easily?

We need a revolution within, as without. We need to topple the establishment. People have died for saying tamer words. People have died for wanting to disrupt the status quo. But that's what we have to do.

This generation has been put in a position equally empowering and challenging because of Duterte. Because of him we have a chance to emerge from the pit, because of him and what he represents we have a chance to turn things around.

More and more people have awakened from this false and superficial sense of nationhood.

Sometimes I ask myself why I do this. I'm sure many of you do, especially our OFWs. Whoever is in power, we'd still have the same privileges. We'd still be dining in posh restaurants whether it was an Aquino or a Duterte in power. We'd still be watching movies in La Z Boy seats. Traveling. Shopping.

Why go through all these hassles? Why do you need to accept insults from random people who are beneath you?

Why spend so much time in rallies and meet and greets and on social media? Why swap sweet anonymity with unwelcome infamy?

Why do I even need to receive threatening messages when I could be spending lazy mornings not triggered, just Netflix and chilling?

Because change--the probability of it, just the promise of it--is worth it. To upend the entire system that doesn't work for the least of our brethren--when will we ever get this chance again?

Maybe I'm ruthless in fighting for Duterte because I see in him our last chance.

If he fails, I will probably lose hope that the Philippines has a chance at redemption. If Duterte in all his wisdom and goodness cannot do it, I don't think lesser mortals could.

This is my last push. This may be my last fight for this country. If he fails, maybe I'll succumb to the reality that we are in deep shit, and just drink and be merry because we will all die anyway.

If Duterte fails, maybe I'll give up. Maybe that's why many of us are giving this our all now. Maybe that's why this fight has reached its crescendo. Because for many of us, the end of Duterte spells the end of hope. If Duterte fails, maybe I'll move, leave this country to the wolves. If this country rejects change, and allows itself to be victimized yet again, be my guest, but I refuse to contribute to lining their pockets again.

To me, to lose Duterte and what he stands for. is to lose the chance for significant change. Back to the dark, dank pit we go.

So we fight while we still can, until we cannot fight anymore.

It will take time. And lots of political will. And yes there will be blood, and there have been much of it spilled.

That Pieta image, exploited to high heavens, the work of a drug ring. And the drug lords of Visayas falling. And terrorists who ruled like kings exterminated. And just so many good things coming.

And you think, maybe it's worth it, all these drama, all these hassle. All these unwelcome attention.

A chance for a better tomorrow, and not just for me.

Please remember when things get you down and they seem to be winning--a message and a reminder to myself as much as a message and reminder to all of you in this fight--