Veteran Columnist talks about the "new opposition coalition" Laban ng Masa, connects some possible agenda of the group

Laban ng Masa head Walden Bello / Photo from Rappler (ctto)

Veteran Columnist and former politician Rigoberto Tiglao on his column in Manila Times tackled the “newest opposition coalition” that vows to fight fascism.

“I nearly choked on my breakfast toast the other day when I read this paper’s banner headline: “New group vows fight vs fascism.”” Tiglao wrote.

Few days ago, a group called “Laban ng Masa” was launched and was reportedly represented by former Akbayan Representative, Walden Bello.

” Bello has been a legend in his own mind. Reporting “writer” as his profession in his statement of assets and liabilities, Bello thought he had become a political leader with a following as he was the representative designated to Congress for nine years by the party-list Akbayan Party. Set up in the 1980s by mostly UP academics, the party had become the brown-shirts of sorts of President Aquino.” Tiglao revealed.

Tiglao also cited how Bello resigned in 2015 to protest, claiming that Aquino was washing-of-hands over the case of Mamasapano massacre.

“The reality, I’m told, is that he was being opportunistic. He saw that the Yellow cult’s candidate Mar Roxas would lose, and sent word both to Duterte’s and Jojo Binay’s camps that he would support them. He was ignored.” He wrote.

It was also expressed in his writing that Bello was trying to resurrect and redeem himself back in the political world.

“Akbayan’s leaders in effect banished him, and Bello vanished into the political wilderness. Akbayan after all had its sights set on getting one of its members Risa Hontiveros to the Senate, and they needed Aquino for this.” Tiglao pointed out.

He also added that Bello prefers “hobnobbing” (to mingle, socialize) with international social groups and NGOs abroad than leading a mass organization.

Mr. Tiglao suspects that the real “newest opposition coalition” is the “Lakas ng Masa”, a partylist that was long before founded by late Popoy Lagman and now being led by his former right-hand man, Sonny Melencio.

The author also concluded that the real goal is really to win a position in 2019 elections and that, Bello is only looking for an “organization to shelter in after the Akbayan allegedly vanished him” and also to become “somebody again in the political landscape.”

 Source: Manila Times

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