Friday, October 13, 2017

Pres. Duterte hits back to De Lima: 'Prisoner of conscience? She is prisoner of lust'

Leila De Lima flashing "Laban" sign" /Photo file (ctto)

Manila, Philippines - President Rodrigo Duterte disputed the depiction of Senator Leila De Lima as “prisoner of conscience.”

During an interview on a state-run television channel that aired Friday evening, President Duterte lambasted the lawmaker and other foreigners who were calling for her release. 

The president said that De Lima was in jail without bail on valid drug charges.

‘Di ka na nahiya na magpalabas with the “prisoner of conscience?” Alam mo, totoo sa totoo lang, prisoner ka sa l***g mo. Diyan nag-umpisa lahat ‘yan eh, your adulterous relation. Do not blame anybody,” Duterte claimed.” The president said.

[Are you not ashamed of portraying that you are a “prisoner of conscience?” You know, the truth is, you are “a prisoner of lust”. That’s where it all started, your adulterous relation. Do not blame anybody.]

The president also reiterated that groups should not call on her release because the charges against De Lima are valid.

De Lima claims that the president is suppressing the truth and that she will file an appeal on the high court’s decision earlier.

“decision tells us the extent to which Dutertism has distorted reason, suppressed the truth and rejected the primacy of conscience.” She said.

The senator is facing three charges in relation to her alleged involvement with New Bilibid Prison inmates and also for protecting the illegal drug trade inside in exchange for money during her time as the justice secretary of the Aquino administration.

She has been consistently denying the allegations against her, claiming that she was jailed by the administration to stop her from criticizing Duterte’s drug war campaign, where thousands were allegedly killed. 

Source: ABS CBN