Senate approves P60 billion DAF budget in record time of 10 minutes

Photo grabbed from facebook post of Sec. Manny Pinol / photo credit to Romirose Boloron

Being the backbone of the Philippine economy, Agriculture is really one of the priorities of the Duterte administration.

A lot of assistance from the government were given to the agriculture sector of the country, and in deed, the hard work also paid off ( free irrigation for farmers, corporate farming system, livelihood to sugarcane farm workers, et all.)

This good news from the Department of Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol is superb as it will surely empower the agriculture sector to stand out and prepare for a way better Philippine economy.

Here’s the full Facebook post of Sec. Manny Pinol:

No questions asked!



The Senate in plenary approved in a record time of less than 10 minutes the P60.9-B budget of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) Tuesday evening.

Senator Cynthia Villar, chair of the Committee On Agriculture, did not even read the details of the 2018 Proposed Budget.

All that she read was a short message which I wrote for her to apologize that I had to leave the Senate Halls before the Plenary Hearing because I was not feeling well, having just checked out of the hospital for pneumonia.

I actually did not expect her to read it but I guess it resulted positively gaining unexpected sympathy.

By the time the DAF Budget passed the Senate Plenary at past 9 p.m. Tuesday, I was already in Davao City on my way to my farm in Cotabato for a week-long "farm rest" as recommended by the doctors.

Credit for the swift and smooth passage of the DAF and its attached agencies' budget goes to Senator Villar, fondly called "Mama Bear" in the Senate for making sure that bases were covered before she stood to defend our budget.

The P60.9-B budget is way low than the original proposal of P220-B which we submitted earlier this year.

But I am not whining or complaining.

I will make do with what has been given to my Department and make sure that the funds are used judiciously and are focused on specific programs.

As they say it in the old Pilipino adage: "Kung maiksi ang kumot, Kailangan bumaluktot."
(If the blanket is short, then curl up.)

The 2018 Budget will focus on two major objectives - Food Production and Poverty Alleviation.

This means that our programs aim to produce more food for the country following President Rody Duterte's commitment of Available and Affordable Food for Filipinos.

While aiming for greater food production, the Duterte Administration will also make sure that the food producers are lifted out of poverty.

All these programs will be consistent with the aim to implement three interventions needed for successful agriculture and fisheries and these are Technology Transfer, Easy Access Financing and Effective Marketing.

Next week, members of Congress and Senate will convene the Bi-Cameral Committee to compare and reconcile their versions of the country's budget for 2018'

DA Secretary Manny Pinol is also a well-known journalist, an active agriculturist and a former Governor of Cotabato province.

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