Monday, October 16, 2017

Marawi residents rejoice over Hapilon and Maute deaths, "I am happy that they are dead"

Blurred photo of Maute and Hapilon 

After four months of continuous battle between the government forces and the terrorist groups, their leaders, Isnilon Hapilon of the Abu Sayyaf and Omar Maute of Maute group were both killed by a sniper fire before dawn of Monday, October 16.

Hapilon and Maute were down one after another fire from snipers using long-range rifles with night-vision scopes.

Department of National Defense (DND) Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and Armed Forces Chief Eduardo Ano confirmed that both Hapilon and Maute were killed.

Meanwhile, Marawi City displaced residents also rejoiced and celebrated the long-awaited fall of the enemy leaders.

“We prayed that these leaders will be killed. I am happy that they are dead,” Nairah Ampaso, one of displaced residents in Marawi, said in an interview with Inquirer.

“I hoped that their deaths would mean the end of the war and we can return to our homes already,” Nairah added.

Another grateful resident, Nafisa Dimaro, whose house was also damaged during the war expressed her happiness.

“Their souls will not enter heaven. They caused so much destruction. My children suffered a lot because of what they did,” she said.

“I can’t explain my happiness. At least the war is going to end real soon and justice is attained for all the troops who sacrificed - killed like my husband and hundreds more who were wounded” words from Chinaline, a widow of Marine Sergeant Brian Tamboon, a sniper killed last June 29.

The death of Hapilon and Maute is likely to be the mark of the end of Marawi siege thus, everybody especially the residents are rejoicing and thankful to the brave soldiers who fought with their lives.

Lorenza said that mopping up the operations is ongoing, but they could also not be so sure if the war will end very soon.

“We will announce the termination of hostilities in a couple of days,” he said.

Source: Inquirer