Manila considered as one of the least safe cities in world? , says a report

The screengrab from Safe Cities Index (ctto)

According an article posted by ABS CBN on October 13, Manila is one of the least safe cities in the world.

“Manila has been listed as one of the least safe cities to live in, a 2017 global index showed” the article reads.

“A newcomer to the list, the Philippine capital got a score of 55.86 and ranked 55th out of 60 countries assessed in the Safe Cities Index 2017.” It added.

The article also includes a screengrab from Safe Cities Index 2017, showing Manila in the bottom of the lists when it comes to digital and infrastructure security. The list refers to the cities in the world that often lack technology skills and with infectious disease and poverty.

"Climate change is presenting greater threats to urban infrastructure as the severity and frequency of hurricanes, floods, high winds and other extreme weather events increases..." the article reads quoting the Index.

The list was actually topped by Asian cities, under the first spot is Tokyo, followed by Singapore, then Osaka and Toronto, Melbourne is on the fifth spot.

Meanwhile, after Manila on 55th rank, there is Ho Chi Minh City, then Jakarta, Dhaka, Yangon and Karachi. The last three cities were the new comers to the list.

A previous report of ABS CBN news said that Manila is among the world’s stressful cities, according to a study.

“In a study conducted by UK-based dry-cleaning and laundry service Zipjet, Manila ranked 10th, garnering a rating of 8.92 out of 10, with 10 being the most stressful.” The said article said.

It added that the said study was based on pollution, traffic levels, public transport, percentage of green areas, financial status of citizens including debt levels, physical and mental health, among others.

On the other hand, a Forbes magazine contributor published otherwise, an article posted last April 6, 2017, where the author Ralph Jennings  discussed the evidence prove that it is now safe to travel in the Philippines.

Sources: ABS CBN Forbes

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