Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A netizen hits Robredo on calling out the government to lift Martial Law in Mindanao "as soon as possible."

In the wake of the President’s declaration of liberation in Marawi City, Vice President Leni Robredo called on the government to lift Martial Law “as soon as possible.”

According to Robredo in an ambush interview by News5, many of Marawi residents are not in favor of martial law declaration in Mindanao.

After the said interview was aired by News5, a known blogger and former Diplomat Mike Acebedo Lopez criticized the Vice President anew.

Check out his post below:

Ganito ang bobong tao sumagot. "As soon as possible," Leni Robredo says of the lifting of Martial Law in Mindanao following the fall of the Maute-ISIS alliance that sowed terror on Marawi. 

Wala man lang, "let's assess the situation first" or anything that's reflective, that asks for an evaluation of things before we rush into lifting? Martial Law could even expedite the rehabilitation and rebuilding of Marawi, at di ba magandang simutin na ang mga iba pang natitirang pagulo diyan, other terror cells that remain dormant waiting for the next attack? 

So far, Martial Law in Mindanao has done good not just in crushing terrorism/rebellion but also in ridding Mindanao of its biggest narcotic scourge (the Parojinogs), but Leni's Yellow mind programmed to hate Martial Law only sees it as evil and should be lifted immediately. What an intellectual lightweight. 

Hija, kung allergic ka sa mane, you know peanuts, a legume, eh di huwag kang kumain ng kare-kare. Stick to lugaw. Pero kami, kakain kami... with lotsa bagoong. 😆 Walang paki-alaman.

Robredo also mentioned in the said quick interview that the Office of the Vice President is now preparing to help in rehabilitation of Marawi City.