Why Duterte still gets support from people? "Simply because, he is doing better than his predecessor" - says former Cabinet member

Photo file of President Rodrigo Duterte 

From Manila Times Opinion column, Ricardo Saludo wrote another article that possibly represents the thoughts of every Filipino that support President Rodrigo Duterte.

“It’s not hard to see why 86 percent of Filipinos back Duterte in the Pew survey, with 41 percent very favorable toward him, and huge majorities approving his handling of the economy (80 percent), illegal drugs (78 percent), crime (68 percent), corruption (66 percent), and terrorism (64 percent).” Saludo wrote referring to the latest poll surveys.

Saludo noted that it was simply because these numbers show that President Duterte is doing better than the previous government.

“Quite simply, the numbers show that President Rodrigo Duterte is doing better than his predecessor on the big concerns of ordinary people: law and order, corruption, the economy, public services and facilities, and foreign affairs.” Saludo’s article said.

“On the law and order issue that got Duterte elected, the Philippine National Police reports that crime is down by about one-third overall. The latest SWS crime survey done two months ago found that record-low levels of property crime (3.1 percent of families affected), physical violence (0.6 percent), and all kinds of crime (3.7 percent)” he explained further.

He also compared that lawlessness under Aquino leadership is triple compared to now, from 324, 083 in 2010 to more than 1 million a year in 2013 and 2014 - according to reports of Philippine Statistics Authority.

With the figures given, Saludo added that Aquino’s effort looks like nothing compared to what President Duterte has done on his campaign against illegal drugs.

Furthermore, the writer also tackled the significant economic growth under Duterte administration despite the huge debt left by the previous leader. Aside from that, government is set to finish this week about half of the 75 percent of the flagship projects under the president. That includes the country’s new main international gateway in Clark - its rail link going to Manila, as well as the first segment of the Mindanao railway in Davao region.

There is also the long overdue repair of MRT 3 system “which fell into woeful disrepair due to mismanagement and anomalous contracts in the Aquino years.”

“Bottom line: After years of underspending and slow infrastructure, Filipinos are now seeing their taxes not just collected, but spent. And even more will be harnessed for development under the five-tranche tax reform program to rationalize and boost revenue collection.” Saludo added.

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