The Mystery of why Trillanes immediately signed the waivers - revealed by a Davaoanian

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In a post of Eric Clark Su, a Davaoanian and enterprenuer, he cracked the mystery of Senator Antonio Trillanes' eargerness to immediately sign the waiver.

Su also enumerated the answers he shared the netizens through his Facebook post that gone viral as of this writing.

Here's the full post.


It really was a head scratcher when the clown of a Senator signed a paper to waive his right to bank secrecy a few days ago. Is he on the right side to be so confident to let anyone look into that specific bank account in Singapore? Has Duterte finally made a poorly thought out move against an annoying shit head after decades of outsmarting drug lords, rebels and political enemies? Did the stiff tattoo loving lawmaker checkmated the President who refused him as a running mate last election?

Well, the answers are revealed to be: No, no and no.

What probably happened follows:

1. Somebody leaked all of Trillanes' offshore accounts. Most of which are joint accounts.

2. Mocha Uson and Erwin Tulfo shared this.

3. Trillanes decided the best defense is a media offense so he rounded up all his presstitute friends to have a conference to tell the nation he will sue both individuals immediately. (Spoiler alert: He still hasn't.)

4. He also signed a waiver knowing a one party waiver is not enough for a JOINT ACCOUNT much less for a FOREIGN BANK ACCOUNT. This is a prop for his presstitutes.

5. This was the whole plan.

6. But then Duterte came on air in an interview to corroborate but with a different account number! The fool! Trillanes thought. He did another presstitute conference.

7. Trillanes wanted to capitalize on the fact that the number given on air was not his account number. Took one of his presstitutes from GMA News told her he will show her that the bank itself will tell him that the account is not existing. The senator promised to pay for the airfare and hotel stay of the crew.

8. They all went to DBS in Singapore, tried to deposit using the account number Duterte gave out (not what Mocha or Erwin shared) and was told by the teller that no such account existed.

9. Trillanes winked at GMA news.

10. GMA reporter (some lady na Roxas surname) furiously wrote what she saw. And posted the story.

11. Off camera, Trillanes transfers his money and closes his real bank account at DBS.

12. Trillanes has just showed Duterte how panicked he really is.

13. Duterte waits for more official reports from the governments of China, Hong kong, Australia and Singapore about all of the closed and active bank accounts of Antonio F. Trillanes including deposits and withdrawals. All the while laughing at the senator who is now desperately planning how to move and close the rest of his bank accounts."

Source: Eric Clark Su Facebook

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