Friday, September 1, 2017

Taguba apologized to Paolo Duterte, Mans Carpio and cleared them both from drug smuggling issue

Mark Taguba during the Senate hearing / photo from Inquirer (ctto)

Broker Mark Taguba II has apologized to presidential son Vice Mayor of Davao City Paolo Duterte and his brother-in-law Manases Carpio for the “fake news” going on that the two were allegedly involved in the P6.4-billion illegal drugs shipment passed through Customs from China.

Taguba, on Friday said in a statement that presidential son and Carpio were not part of the corrupt activities within the Customs.

If recalled, Taguba is the broker identified as one of those who facilitated the shipment of 605 kilograms of shabu from Xiamin, China.

Meanwhile, Taguba denied that he knew that the container he delivered had drugs in it.

“I am making this statement to clear Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and Atty. Manse Carpio from any involvement in the shipment of illegal drugs into the country, and any anomalies in the Bureau of Customs,” Taguba said. 

“I also hereby apologize to Vice Mayor Duterte, Atty. Carpio and to the first family for the proliferation of fake news arising out of my testimony at the Senate yesterday” he stated.

Taguba also denied the “fake news deviously spread on social media” in connection with his testimony during the hearing of Blue Ribbon committee on Thursday.

“I wish to categorically make it clear that: 1. I had never testified, nor will I ever testify that Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte and/or Atty. Manse Carpio were involved in the shipment of illegal drugs into the country. Neither have I testified, nor will I ever testify that the aforementioned individuals were involved in the ‘Tara System’ that was in place at the Bureau of Customs,” Taguba said.

The broker witness still maintained that the alleged involvement of presidential son and Carpio are just “hearsay in nature.”

“The names of Vice Mayor Duterte and or Atty. Manases Carpio were merely mentioned by the ‘Davao Group’ whose direct contacts to me were ‘Tita Nannie’ and ‘Jack.’ As I had repeatedly stated before Congress and the Senate, the alleged involvement of the aforementioned individuals are hearsay in nature,” he clarified.