Tuesday, September 26, 2017

House of Representative finally approves medical Majiuana, Duterte said that he only opposed its recreational use

Manila, Philippines - On Monday, the House panel finally approved the draft report on the proposed Philippine Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act.

After the extensive consultations with the advocacy groups, patients, other healthcare practitioners and experts in regulation of controlled substances, the House of Representatives endorsed the bill allowing the Cannabis to be used as medicine.

“I feel high. There is high morale because finally the bill will reach plenary” said Isabela Representative Rodolfo Albano III, the lead author of the action.

In accordance to the parliamentary procedures, the bill would be scrutinized through debate and presented to the members of the House for approval in a plenary session.

Although President Rodrigo Duterte has campaigned against illegal drugs in the country, he however, supports the use Marijuana as treatment to chronic illness and added that he only opposed the recreational use of the said drug.

“There are medicines being developed, or are now in the market, that contain marijuana for medical purposes,” President Duterte said.

Also, Albano noted how his bill was not prioritized by the previous House leadership. He said that the proposed law would “legalize and regulate the medical use of cannabis,”.

As studies showed, Cannabis could be used to control epileptic seizures, pain management and it can also cure symptoms associated with HIV-AIDS. This medical Marijuana can also be used as sedative for cancer patients who are in severe pain or those in end-stage phase already.

“It is very clear in the bill that you can’t smoke weed per se. You cannot even dispense it in its raw form and say, ‘just use this for tea.’ It has to be in medicinal form,” the Representative noted.

Furthermore, in some medial trials conducted by researchers, Cannabis is also good for cancer prevention, anxiety management, slowing down development of Alzheimer’s disease and it also helps control muscle spasms.

Source: Inquirer