Monday, September 18, 2017

Finance secretary Dominguez declines to accept an international award, says he was just doing his job

Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez / photo file from Manila Standard (ctto)

Manila, Philippines - Philippines Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez III has declined to accept the award from a joint publication of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund as the “Finance Minister of the Year" for East Asia Pacific.

According to an official inside the Finance Department, Dominguez did not wat to receive any awards from the GlobalMarkets, the newspaper of the International Monetary Fund/World Bank Annual Meeting in October, as he was just doing his job as expected of him and as a member of the current administration.

Reports also said that the GlobalMarkets chose Dominguez as the recipient of the award because of his efforts in pushing for the compensation tax reform program that they believed would further boost their economic growth.

In a letter sent from the Office of the Finance Secretary through Marc Gregory Crisostomo, addressed to GlobalMarkets managing editor Toby Fildes, Dominguez said that he was grateful for being chosen among a group of eminent finance ministers.

“Thank you for noting the efforts of the Department of Finance to pass the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program and to usher in the Golden Age of Infrastructure of the Philippines. The Secretary is not alone in this fight for a more inclusive economy,” Crisostomo wrote.

Crisostomo also quoted Dominguez that the Cabinet worked hard under President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration.

“Thus, it is with deep regret that Secretary Dominguez declines the honor of this award as he is just performing his duties as the Secretary of Finance. As he always tells his staff, the development of the nation is a team effort,” the letter stated.

Meanwhile, GlobalMarkets editor Fildes recognized Dominguez saying that the finance chief had barely stood still since his appointment as finance minister by the president back in July 2016.

“A five-pronged tax bill passed by the lower house and currently wending its way through the Senate, is the most ambitious reform package in decades,” Fildes wrote in his letter for Dominguez.

Source(s): Manila Standard