Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Duterte revealed: 'I invented Trillanes's Singapore bank account to trick him'

Pres. Duterte in an interview at PTV4, showing alleged account numbers of Trillanes 

Manila, Philippines - On Tuesday, President Rodrigo Duterte revealed that he intentionally gave the wrong bank account number of Senator Antonio Trillanes to mislead the senator.

In a live interview on state-run channel PTV4, the president said that he just “invented” the supposed Singapore bank account number of Trillanes, and was merely a “product of his imagination.”

President Duterte also said that he tricked the senator by providing him a “fake” account number, and explained that the real number was the one mentioned by Communication Assistant Secretary Margaux "Mocha" Uson and broadcaster Erwin Tulfo.

"The actual account number from Mocha and Erwin was 1178000281602. I read that and deducted a number. That's nothing, a mere invention,” he said.

"When you lie, you put another lie to cover this lie. To cover this lie, you put another lie. To cover this lie, it would be piled up. You If you get [a bank account number] with even one number being omitted, [that's incorrect]. What I read was [178000296012]," he added.

While earlier that day, Trillanes flew to Singapore to prove the president’s allegations personally by checking on DBS Bank-Alexandra branch whether the account is existing under his name.

Trillanes then told the media in a press statement that he was told by the bank teller that the said account number provided by the president was non-existent.

"Naipakita ko dito sa pagpunta ko mismo sa DBS bank Alexandra Branch dito sa Singapore na hindi totoo ang paratang ni Duterte na meron daw akong bank account dito. 'No such accounts exist' ang sabi ng bank teller ng ipinakita ko ang aking passport kasama ang dalawang account numbers na galing kina Duterte, Erwin Tulfo at Mocha Uson," Trillanes said.

"Upon checking in her computer, the teller again said, 'No such accounts exist,'" he added

The president, however, told Trillanes that he was “desperate” for flying to Singapore to dismiss the allegations against him.

"Kita mo siya ngayon. He's desperate. Pumunta ng Singapore, mag-gastos lang para propaganda lang," he said. 

He also revealed that according to the government of Singapore, Trillanes has been allegedly going back and forth to Singapore since September.

Source (s): GMA News, Sunstar