Saturday, September 23, 2017

Duterte asks the Church to help not criticize, “You go to these people and tell them to stop already"

Manila, Philippines - President Rodrigo Duterte has once again called for the church leaders to help in drug wars instead of condemning the government’s move against illegal drugs in the country.

He said that he would one day share his narcolist to bishops and priests and ask them to talk to drug personalities listed in it.

“These priests, they easily condemn (the anti-drug wag of the government),” President Duterte said during a dinner sponsored by Malacanang for the media members.

“You go to these people (drug suspects) and tell them to stop already. You have the money to do that. That’s your job (also),” he said addressing the Catholic leaders- which has been one of the president’s critics of his anti-drug war campaign and the deaths of drugs suspects.

“They are alive, you talk to them and tell them they would end up in a very serious situation if they continued,” Duterte added.

The president also cited that if the priests really wanted to help, they could do what he just suggested as “preemptive move.”

“Also talk to the barangay captains (who are into drugs),” he said.

The president also explained that “40%” of the village officials were also involved in drugs.
You see? That’s how serious the problem is,” he added.

“We are now a narco-state. You ask why I did not tap the barangay captains (village chiefs)? I cannot trust the idiots anymore. Forty percent of the barangay captains are into illegal drugs,” the president also said.

He reiterated that because of that, he needs the help from the military and policemen but his orders were also clear - to dismantle the drug source or its factory and go after every drug suspects, not to kill them unless they put up a violent fight.

Source: Inquirer