DLSU Prof. to Yellows: "The more they maneuver, the more they sink deeper into a political quicksand”

De La Salle’s very own, professor and author Dr. Antonio P. Contreras has once again condemned the opposition party or the Yellows. 

Contreras has plenty of knowledge and experience as political analyst and definitely not afraid to speak his mind. He’s also known as one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters.

On his article at the Manila Times online, he discussed how the yellows are in a political quicksand.

The author wrote “THE yellows still don’t get it. The more they maneuver, the more they sink deeper into a political quicksand”.

“And it looks like despite their enormous intellectual arsenal firmly grounded in the top universities of the country where they have a lot of academic enablers, they fail to spin a narrative that is based on reality, and not just on the mythologies of hate that they thought would last forever since 1986.” He continued.

Contreras also mentioned how the yellow’s politics ideology is one of hate instead at least a being an inspiration for the Filipino people.

“Their slogans tell it all. Never again. Block Marcos. Stop the killings.” He said, and added 

“But they never clearly articulate towards what end, one that is concrete and palpable, and not just empty rhetoric”

Furthermore, the professor cited how these politicians treat people as if they are in need to be rescued from evil, get educated, converted or be saved because they are lost.

He mentioned how Maria Ressa wanted to retake the Internet that she thinks being polluted by ordinary people. Then there’s Risa Hontiveros who impudently announced that they are about to take back the democracy that she said was stolen. 

“Maria Ressa wanted to retake the Internet that she thinks is being polluted by ordinary netizens. Risa Hontiveros audaciously announced that they are out to take back democracy that was stolen, as if they own its franchise. Marites Vitug exhorted public intellectuals of the yellow kind to civilize the national conversation.” Contreras wrote.

In his opinion article, he also discussed how the yellow paint Marcoses as evil and how they treat President Duterte as the devil incarnate.

You may read more on: Manila Times 

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