Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A famous columnist says: We should "thank God for Trillanes"

Manila, Philippines - In a column of Roberto Tiglao on the Opinion page of Manila Times says we should “Thank God for Trillanes”.

Tiglao said that future generation of Filipinos owes Senator Antonio Trillanes IV for he was able to convince the majority that the Senate should be abolished.

“INDEED, future generation of Filipinos will owe him. Antonio Trillanes by his record and behavior is convincing Filipinos, finally, that this institution with the misnomer of the “Senate”—from the Latin senatus, or assembly of “wise old men”—has become so moribund it should be abolished.” Tiglao wrote.

According to the writer, Trillanes’ biggest accomplishment in the Senate was to transform it into a propaganda machine in the past two years. He also elaborates how the senator succeeded in demolishing the image of the Senate as an institution.

“It is difficult to imagine that where Trillanes now spews lies and where he quarrels with his colleagues was once the hallowed halls where our nation’s political luminaries, such as Senators Claro M. Recto, Cipriano Primicias, Arturo Tolentino, and Lorenzo Tañada, argued on issues so eloquently.” Tiglao wrote.

 Tiglao added that Trillanes is noisy; he spreads lies and badmouths people who are well respected by Filipinos.

“I can’t think of any senator in our history as obnoxious as Trillanes, even as he doesn’t have any intellectual or oratorical brilliance as Senator Ninoy Aquino did in his heyday to compensate for his meanness.” the article also reads.

Tiglao also wrote that it was Trillanes who humiliated the former chief of staff and defense secretary Angelo Reyes - with higher military rank than Trillanes himself, and drove Reyes to suicide. 

Yet, instead of rotting in prison, after launching more than 1 attempt of coup, he was elected as Senator through the power of Yellow Media’s alleged romanticization of him as a young rebel against the country’s president. 

Lastly, Tiglao said that Trillanes would certainly have a place in the Philippine’s political history as he will be in a footnote that reads: 

“The Senate was abolished in 2019 through a constitutional amendment, supported by an overwhelming majority of Filipinos, who felt that there should no longer be such a venue for an odious politician like Antonio Trillanes 4th.”