Sunday, September 24, 2017

A famous blogger explained how previous crisis reveals a leader's character, "It is often said that crisis does not define character, it merely reveals it"

From another famous political blogger Mark Lopez is a well-written post that shows the important lessons from the past.

In his Facebook account, Lopez expressed how the crisis in the past reveals a leader’s character.

This post came after the day of protest, on September 21 which already went viral through shares as of this writing.

THE CRISIS OF CHARACTER by: Mark Lopez (full post from his Facebook account)

4 years ago, our country experienced a catastrophe named Yolanda. It was a cataclysmic wrath of mother nature whose devastating effect we are feeling until today.

Hate to imagine something like that happening once more...

But what if?

Would we be better off with a decent and straight path leader who in the face of overwhelming grief and loss, would annoyingly lash out "Eh buhay ka pa naman di ba" to a local businessman who got shot in the midst of looting and mayhem in Tacloban?

Or would we be better with his elite, well mannered and highly educated underling who wants to be president too, and who in the same tragedy, blurted off these immortal phrases "you are a Romualdez, the president is an Aquino" and "Bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo" even as dead bodies have piled up and are stinking up the city while survivors grimly await if they will make it through the day...

Or do we cast our lot with a foul-mouthed, shabby hillbilly mayor who did not hesitate
and immediately dispatched his emergency and relief team, in a most efficient but inconspicuous manner?

No fanfare, no frills, no highlight or being in the spotlight.

Just doing it.

On the very next day after Yolanda struck, he was unassumingly leading his team in giving aid and cleaning up the wreck and the scattered bodies all around, after which at the end of day, he could no longer hold back the tears of sorrow and pain over the terrible fate that has befallen his countrymen. The tough guy cried unabashedly because he feels the pain, anguish and torment of people in the center of ruin and havoc.

Yesterday, we witnessed what is called a day of protest. It is actually a day of division, where two sides tried earnestly to convey which between them deserve to lead this nation.

We actually have decided which side we are on.

It's quite clear, even as we can sense the utmost denial from the other camp.

And in the event (knock on wood) of another epic crisis, I believe we are most comforted and most assured by our compelling choice.
It is often said that crisis does not define character, it merely reveals it.

We had a ginormous crisis 4 years ago.

And it revealed the character of our leaders back then.

Right now, we are in good hands.