Saturday, August 26, 2017

"There are more victims on the other side who will never get the attention like Kian."- lawyer tells the other story

Photo from FB post of Atty. Bruce Rivera 

The sensationalized death of Kian Delos Santos, the teenager boy shot by cops during an operation, who allegedly resisted while being arrested brought reason for the anti-Duterte administration to protest.

Political personalities like Vice President Leni Robredo, Senator Risa Hontiveros, Antonio Trillanes and Jejomar Binay went to Kian’s wake to show sympathy to his family.

The Yellows like Leni herself, Trillanes and Hontiveros then called for justice and stop the killings which made most of the Filipino feel aghast towards the obvious political agenda of their actions.

And those who were victimized by the addicts were allegedly set aside and did not even get the attention of these politicians.

In one of Atty. Bruce Rivera’s post is “the other story” that should also be looked into; below is the story he shared through his Facebook account.


This was sent to me by a follower. The person who posted the statuses is the father of the pregnant woman who was raped and killed by an addict. He was quietly suffering until he saw several law students of Silliman University protesting against EJK.

He lost it. He began to shout at the law students and pushed their motorcycles. He was a man who lost his child and grandchild to an addict. And he is now confronted by people protecting the rights of the kind who killed his family while he had to bury his child in silence because nobody was shouting his pain.

Now, the law students are planning to sue him because he got angry. Those who protested against EJK will never fully understand his pain and his anger at their insensitivity especially when Leni will join them in a couple of days to rally for support.

There are more victims on the other side who will never get the attention like Kian. These people want blood. Their pain expects nothing less. But they understand it is not possible in a civilized sociery. All they need is our sensitivity.”