"The reality is, we are defending the President because we love our country" - Atty. Bruce Rivera

Assistant Prosecutor Darwin Canete / Photo from PInoyTribune (ctto)

Atty. Bruce Rivera posted an open letter to his Facebook account on Sunday to give support to President Rodrigo Duterte and to his friend, assistant City Prosecutor Darwin Canete who was assigned in Caloocan. 

Canete is own of the few who have spoken against Kian Delos Santos' participation against drug trade and was also present during the SOCO investigation at the crime scene. He allegedly saw the condition of the body and how the shabu packs left marks on Kian's body. On Sunday, the prosecutor's Facebook account was taken down.

On his post, Rivera talked about how Duterte supporters still support him without without special treatment and protection from the president himself. Please read his post below:

"The reality is, we are defending the President because we love our country. And we do not expect anything in return because our President is a fair man. We were never given special treatment and we are treated like any other citizen. And we are happy that way.

Fiscal Darwin is an idealist who believed in honesty and justice. He was anti-Yellow even before PRD was even in contention therefore, he stayed in his present position because the LP only promoted those who played the game.

When PRD got elected, Darwin was not one of those who lobbied to get a government post. He is an Atenean lawyer so he is qualified to be in any government post. I asked him once about it and he said, I am happy where I am because this is where I matter. He was proud of his job as the Prosecutor assigned to cover drug cases. He posted in Facebook the gains of the campaign. He made Little Digong shirts and caetoons which he gave for free to us so in his own way he can help soften the image of our President.

However, by doing his job, he lost his voice in Facebook. This is the reality of the situation because while we are defending PRD, we do not get any special protection or benefit that any person can readily shut us down effectively silencing us. However, LP defendors are given media mileage, financial benefits and an army of attack trolls who call us names, berate us and mass report us. While the likes of Drilon and the yellow bloggers demean Darwin by telling him to re-study due process.

This is the hallmark of a just president. He can choose to arm us with protection from being silenced but he chose to leave us alone to test our fortitude. So we fight and fight some more hoping we get to fight one more day before the money and minions of the opponent will catch up with us to close us down.

But what we can we do. We believe in this President. And for us, that is the only protection we need."

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