Sotto slams UN Rapporteurs for giving solution to problems they don't even know

UN Rapporteur Agnes Callamard and Senator Sotto

Manila, Philippines - On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III slammed a group of United Nations (UN) experts for their criticism of human rights situation in the Philippines.

Sotto said in a privilege speech, UN Rapporteurs Agnes Callamard, Michel Forst, and Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, the “helicopter experts” for giving solution to the problem that they are not even familiar with.

Callamard is the specialist rapporteur of UN on extrajudicial summary or arbitrary executions, while Michael Frost is on the situation of human rights defenders and Maud de Boer-Buquicchio on the sale and sexual exploitation of children.

Callamard previously had a verbal battle with President Rodrigo Duterte over the alleged Extra Judicial Killings happening in the country. 

 “Is it possible to arrive in a country you are not familiar with, and in a couple of days, speak about the decades-old problems of that country like you had all the wisdom in the world? And even expect to be welcomed hospitably by your hosts?” Sotto asked in his speech.

“Nakakahiya di po ba, na magdunung-dunungan sa mga bagay na di mo talaga alam, at mas alam ng mga taong iyong binibisita?” Sotto added.

According to Senator Sotto, he initially intended to voice out his opinion since Callarmard’s visit Manila to attend a drug policy forum, but time and circumstances did not coincide. 

“I thought the passage of two and a half months would make my interest fade away and die, but I was mistaken. Just last August 2, another provocation emanated from the same source, and if I continue to be silent, I may be remiss in my duties,” he said. 

Furthermore, Sotto also tried to discredit the claims of Callamard that use of shabu or meth does not cause violence or brain damage to the person using it. He then cited the killings committed by the abusers. 

“Thus, based on the foregoing, undeniably, shabu can lead to violence. Shabu can cause brain damage. And shabu can kill! To believe otherwise is courting disaster,” he added.

Source: Inquirer

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