Police chief Espenido said that 'somebody' offered him her body, and a 'sack of cash' as bribe

On Saturday, Ozamiz City Police Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido claimed that Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog-Echavez and her family attempted to bribe him several times as soon as he arrived in Ozamiz, December last year.

“They’re dead already and I would not want to be talking about it anymore. But it’s true. It’s more than a sack of P100 bills,” Espenido said, though he did not disclose the exact amount.

According to Espenido, the bribe was so blatant, seeing it as the reason as to why former police chiefs assigned to the city failed to do their jobs effectively.

“I’m telling you, I only experienced bribery here. Maybe it was the same reason why the past police chiefs haven’t performed well because of the practice,” he added.

The bribes did not only come in cash, but by all means that somebody- he did not identify offered him her body.

“I came to realize that if a man is greedy, he would really be bought,” Espenido said, and added that if he considered accepting the offer, he might not be able to implement the law in the city.

The police chief also recalled his 3rd day into office in Ozamiz, he got invited to a Born-Again Christian church to talk about a serious and delicate topic. There he met the Parojinogs’, which he finds weird. Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog Sr, his wife, Nova Parojinog, his brother-in-law Artemio Salas, uncle Manuel Francisco and Ricardo, his younger brother.

According to Espenido, he was straight to the point in telling them to end their illegal activities to prevent causing problems to each other, the topic he practically addressed during their talk. He even told the Parojinogs that he was deployed in Ozamiz city to deal with them, accordingly.

There were series of raids, he said, starting from small time traders to mid-level, (getting more information) until they reached the roots - the Parojinogs.

Espenido also shared his only principle in life is to implement the rule of law.


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