Thursday, August 3, 2017

Peter Lim on illegal drugs allegations against him: “Yes, I am scared. “

Screenshot from video posted by Rappler is the alleged drug lord, Peter Lim

After the fall of the Parojinogs’ clan in Ozamiz City, the next question of many was “Who will be next?” 

The name of Cebu-based businessman Peter Lim popped up as he was one of those identified from President Rodrigo Duterte’s narco-list of individuals involved in illegal drug activities.

After the said exposé from the President, Lim had repeatedly denied the accusations hurled against him.

The Philippine National Police, however, formally filed a criminal case against the businessman and several others due to their alleged involvement in illegal drugs operations in Central and Eastern Visayas. He was recently summoned by the Department of Justice through a subpoena to attend the hearing on August 14 as part of the preliminary probe of his drug case.

On Thursday, Lim has expressed his concerns about his safety after the case was filed.
“Yes I am scared. Because of the false accusations against me, people might think it’s true,” Mr. Lim told the reporters in a short interview in Barangay Subangdaku, Mandaue City.

Though he fears what might happen to him, Lim promised not to run away and to face the allegations against him. He also welcomed the preliminary investigation and sees it as a chance to prove his innocence.

“You know, it’s not easy to be accused of something you have never done. (But) I will answer whatever allegations. I have to face the case,” he said.
“I’m happy that we’re given the opportunity. Finally, I can clear my name,” he added.

The Chinese-Filipino businessman was also identified by self-confessed drug lord Kerwin Espinosa as one of his suppliers of shabu.