Monday, August 28, 2017

LOOK: President Duterte leads a boodle fight in Pampanga to promote poultry goods, released P29-M as initial payment to the farmers

President Rodrigo Duterte leads a boodle fight in Pampanga / photo from abs cbn (ctto)

Manila, Philippines- President Rordrigo Duterte on Monday led a boodle fight of chicken dishes in San Fernando, Pampanga to show the public that poultry products are now safe for consumption.

Among who joined in the boodle fight are Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Agriculture Secretary Manny Pinol and other government officials.

There was chicken barbeque, adobong manok, fried duck, eggs, and balut.

"I came here just to eat the chicken and the egg and the baluts to assure the public na hindi ho delikado. Tapos na.” he told the reporters

The president promised to consider more possible funding for farmers whose stocks were subjected to the culling and quarantine operations conducted to ensure containment of bird flu.

 “Give me possibly a week” president Duterte told the poultry industry business stakeholders and other government officials.

Durerte personally went to Pampanga for a “marketing effort” to assure the people that poultry products of the province safe to eat.

He vowed to possibly increase the assistance given to the poultry owners and added that he was saddened to know that other poultry farmers need to give up their livelihood upon killing the fowls.

President Duterte also said that he will be asking the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (PAGCOR) Chairman Andrea Domingo for possible additional funds.

Furthermore, an initial payment of P29 million was released to the poultry raisers of San Luis, Pampanga and towns of Jaen and San Isidro, Nueva Ecija says Pinol.

“The P29 million is the first payment to be released of the total P43.31-million which the Department of Agriculture will release to all farmers in the area whose fowls were killed," he said.

The president commended the officials of Agriculture department for their “quick and decisive” response in containing the bird flu outbreak.