Monday, August 21, 2017

Jaime Fabregas joined the protest over Kian's killing

Jaime Fabregas joined with other protesters in EDSA on Monday / photo from ABS CBN (ctto)

The veteran actor and “Ang Probinsyano” cast Jaime Frabregas was one among those who participated to the People Power Monument protest on Monday over the killing of Kian Lloyd Delos Santos, who was killed in a drug operation in Caloocan and was allegedly a courier of drugs.

Fabregas, who plays the role of police Director General Delfin Borjan on the hit TV series said:

"Well I think it's time na to stop, you know, standing lang around, not saying anything, not doing anything. I think itong pagpatay kay Kian has brought everything to the fore already. Wala nang control si  Duterte sa nangyayari. Siya na ang kino-control ng mga tao niya," 

He also asked for the drug-related killings to stop, saying that this is not the solution to the country’s problems. 

"Alam mo, because of this all-out war of his, its going out of control and it has to be stopped. It really has to stopped," Fabregas said. 

The actor hopes that Delos Santos’ death would bring awareness and make the people voice out their opinion against the drug war.

"Well, I hope, awareness. Not necessarily for the president and his minions, because they will always find, and even 'yung mga die-hard Duterte ano, but maybe those people who are, anong tawag doon, toeing the line, people on the fringes na hindi pa nila alam kung saan sila pupunta, because what we really need is a full force. We really need stronger voices and stuff like that, to come out and start talking," he said.

"We're telling him, okay we'll give you leeway. Bibigyan ka namin ng pagkakataong ayusin ang bayan natin pero hindi sa ganitong paraan. This is where we put our foot down," Fabregas added

According to Fabregas, the government should focus instead on poverty reduction rather than killing the people suspected of being involved in illegal drug trade.

He added that drug addiction is a disease and should not be punished with criminal act.