Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Grab user judged a driver because of his muslim name, but what happened afterwards is a touching story and a lesson everyone should learn too

From FB user Yan Mercado's account 

A person should not be judged by his or her religion, looks or color. We were all unique and different, we may not have the same belief, but we are all fair and created by one and only God.

This is the moral lesson that a Facebook user Yan Mercado, learned from his experience. 

From his post that went viral as shared his experience riding Grab with a Muslim driver, whom he described as “nakakatakot” lies a very important moral.

“NAKAKATAKO! Nung nakita ko pa lang yung pangalan niya NATAKOT na agad ako, honestly sobrang natakot talaga ako…”

According to Mercado’s post, he got scared when saw the driver’s name Abdul Samad Barodi Daurong on his Grab app after he booked a shared ride. He did not mention his reason for judging the guy but obviously, it was because of how our Muslim brothers often being related to the terrorism.

Mercado also recalled how he was very observant throughout the ride, he was very anxious about the driver’s actions. When the driver stopped to pick up another passenger, Mercado noticed that the supposed to be another rider cancelled the booking with Mr. Abdul. He then saw the sad look on his driver’s face.

After sometime, the driver went to tell Mercado that he often experience cancellations from passengers and even recalled how he would go an extra mile just to pick up another passenger only to get cancelled.

“Oo, hinusgahan ko siya, hinusgahan ko siya dahil sa naramadaman kong takot sa mga oras nay un. Ang dami kong inisip na masama tungkol sa kanya pero puro kabaitan ang pinakita niya, grabe sobrang sama ng pumasok sa utak ko, hindi ko man siya nakilala tinanggalan ko na agad sya ng karangalan dahil lang sa pangalan na meron siya.” 

Mercado then regretted how he judged his driver and told the other netizens not to be like him.  And added:

“Huwag niyo ako gayahin, huwag niyo akong tularan sa puntong ganun dahil hinding hindi makapagpapabuti sa atin bilang tao ang pagiisip ng masama tungkol sa kapwa.
Humingi ako ng dispensa kay kuya at masaya ako na naintindihan at pinatawad niya ako.” 

At the end, Mercado was happy about the lesson he learned that they. He even received commendations from other netizens for admitting that he was wrong. 

The post also reached Daurong after it went viral on Facebook who was thankful to Mercado for sharing his story.

Some of us might have judged our Muslim brothers and sisters, for what other Muslims have done too. Just like us Christians, we are all susceptible to the same mistakes and victimized those who are innocent.

Terrorism divided us and turned our back against each other, but people like Abdul Samad Barodi Daurong also hopes for respect as a person and a Filipino.