Monday, August 21, 2017

Duterte on policemen who killed Kian: "Should the investigation point to liabilities, they have to go to jail"

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday answered questions for the Malacañang Press Corps (MPC) where he said that he is in favor of investigating the death of 17-year-old student, Kian Delos Santos, who was allegedly a drug courier and killed by policemen during the anti-drug operations in Caloocan City.

"I agree that there should be an investigation. Should the investigation point to liabilities, they have to go to jail," the president told the media in Malacañang.
Meanwhile, the president also mentioned that he called on General Bato immediately upon seeing the CCTV footage.

“Nung nakita ko yung tape, tinawagan ko si Bato. Sabi ko hulihin mo na at kulungin mo. Di nyo alam dyan  kasi di ako nagpapa interview. Seasonal ang gana ko, pati si Rappler minsan nag babaliktad ng ano (referring to the news brought by mainstream media)… “ the president said on his statement

 Furthermore, Mr. Duterte also explained the role of the policemen versus the suspect or criminal during an encounter.

"If there is a confrontation, ang dapat gawin ng criminal is to surrender, police is to arrest and take the criminal into custody." he said

"If there is a resistance, you overcome the resistance, otherwise you cannot bring that to the police station to start the investigation" he continued

When asked for his take on the intelligence about Delos Santos being a courier of drugs, the president insisted to wait for the result of investigation from the National Bureau of Investigation. And added, that if the NBI finds it to be a murder, then the policemen would go to jail.

Also present among the reporters is Doris Begornia who probed whether the president would pardon the cops should they be found guilty on killing the teenager, the president replied: “No, I saw the evidence.”

Although the president had previously maintained that he would back up the cops in line with their drug related operations, he explained that Kian’s case is different.

"Yung arestado na, nakaupo na diyan barilin mo, that's another thing... it will be murder or homicide," he explained.

The president also dared the people who are against him to up rise if they really want to;

"If you want Himagsikan, go ahead, do it. I would be glad if you do it.. then I would be happy to step down." he said, and added, "please go ahead, kung yaan talaga ang gusto ninyo"