Saturday, August 19, 2017

"Do not ASK US to stop the drug war just because there are evil policemen." - Krizette Laureta Chu

From Krizette's Facebook post

As one of President Rodrigo Duterte's supporter, a writer and well known social media blogger, Krizette Laureta Chu wrote another post to talk about Kian Lloyd Delos Santos, who was killed in a drug operations in Caloocan city. 

In her post, Krizette said that the age of Kian should not be used as presumption of innocence and excuse someone from criminality just like how a 16 year old who killed a woman and a baby should not be excused because of his age. 

She also said that what happened should not be an excuse to stop the war against drugs. Please read her post below:

"Kian was 17.

The drug pusher who killed this pregnant woman and her unborn child is 16.

The three policemen who killed Kian should answer for their crimes, just as the 16 year old who killed this woman and her baby should answer for his.

Para sa lahat na ginagamit ang edad ni Kian, do not use age as presumption of innocence. Do not use age to excuse criminality. Should we excuse the 16 year old because of his age? Is it not possible to be a drug runner and pusher before you hit voting age?

This issue is far too immense to be used as political propaganda. Maraming pinatay ng pulis at sinalvage ("kasi pabalik balik sa kulungan") even before we've heard of Duterte.

I'm happy that you live in your beautiful bubble, but the rule of thumb was, WAAAAAY before Duterte, if 4 times ka na labas-pasok sa kulungan, and they let you out on the 4th, you're a marked man. "Salvaged."

Yung may mga relatives na pulis diyan, pakitanong na Lang yung mga Tito o kamag anak ninyo nang hindi niyo lahat sinisisi Kay Duterte. He said, "I will back you if you do your job. But if you abuse it, there will be hell to pay."

I believe that under Duterte more policemen have reformed. If he wasn't the President, fresh graduate pa lang, siguradong corrupt at abusado na.

He has given our policemen and military a sheen of respectability and nobility that has not been accorded them since before Marcos took over.

There will be evil policemen-- sa 12 apostles may isa ngang Hudas--and the ninja cops have to be punished severely ("hell to pay.")

Where do we go from here? Ask our Senate to push for laws that require body cams for policemen doing operations, and punish those who abuse their authority.

Do not ASK US to stop the drug war just because there are evil policemen. Too many Filipinos have died at the hands of drug pushers and addicts, and we did not fight for them.

For many years, for many many many years, we kept quiet and allowed these drug pushers to run rampant. We allowed them to abuse the poor, exploit the weak, pay off our judges in their favor, corrupt our men in uniform, rape our women and children, kill our elderly, rob us of things we worked hard for.

You do not cut off your nose to spite your face. Fix the loopholes--that's what LEGISLATIVE is for (and not merely to give statements to the press just to make sure they have sound bites for election recall) and allow this government (teach them, lecture them, push them, make them accountable) to protect us--FOR THE FIRST TIME--from the evils of drugs and everyone it corrupts."