Tuesday, August 1, 2017

De Lima calls the death of Parojinogs' a "massacre" in her handwritten letters

Mayor Parojinog, his wife and De Lima / photo from ilovepagadian.com (ctto)

Even in jail, Senator Leila De Lima continues to criticize President Rodrigo Duterte.

Posted on her Facebook account are the infamous, blue-inked handwritten letters of De Lima, condemning the Duterte administration for what had happened to Mayor Parojinog and his family.

De Lima being one of Duterte’s number 1 critics detailed her opinion against the recent bloody arrest of Ozamiz city Mayor Reynaldo “Aldong” Parojinog which resulted to his death.

She even linked the Kuratong Baleleng which was led by the Parojinogs’ patriarch Octavio “Ongkoy” Parojinog to Davao Death Squad (DDS) that Duterte allegedly founded, claims De Lima. 

“The Kuratong Baleleng of the Parojinogs is no different from the Alsa Masa and the DDS of Davao City, the Maute Group of Lanao del Sur, and the Ampatuan private army of Maguindanao. All were born in the violent underbelly of Mindanao, where vigilantes mix with paramilitary forces, which mix with the State's armed forces versus the communist insurgents and Muslim rebels, and where these vigilante armed groups somehow gravitate to criminal activities as one of their sidelines to either fighting the rebels or executing petty criminals.” De Lima wrote.

Referring to Parojinogs' case as “Ozamiz Massacre” , De Lima said “we” are not so naïve to believe that what happened during the serving of warrants to the Parojinogs is just another regular law enforcement operation.

“…Duterte knew of the Parojinogs’ and the Kuratong’s illegal activities all throughout his reign as Davao Mayor. They were kindred spirits in the vigilante trade and brothers-in-arms in the network of Mindanao’s vigilante groups. It is the fortune or misfortune of the Mindanao mafias — depending on which side of Duterte they find themselves in — that Duterte happened to become President, and now has exclusive access to the national State machinery’s means of coercion and violence” she added.

The lady senator also cited that none of the Parojinogs deserved to be murdered and that they should be brought to justice to pay for their crimes. 

Early morning of July 30, the Ozamiz city police with the Crime Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) served six warrants of arrest to some members of the Parojinog family who were allegedly involved in illegal drug activities which resulted to death of mayor Aldong, his wife and 13 others.

Meanwhile, last February, De Lima was put behind bars for three counts of drug trafficking charges.  

Source: https://www.facebook.com/leiladelimaofficial/