Autopsy results confirm that Parojinogs fought back during the drug raid

Photo from UNTV news (ctto)

Manila, Philippines- The Philippine National Police said that autopsy results confirm that the camp of Ozamiz City Mayor Reynaldo “Aldong” Parojinog fired back at them during the raid last Sunday, which ended the mayor’s life, his wife and 13 others.

On Thursday, spokesperson Chief Superintendent Diosdado Carlos said that it is not yet conclusive but will definitely help the investigation. 

"Hindi naman siya nagiging conclusive but it helps in the investigation, it shows us that the firearms recovered in the premises were used and there was a gun battle. There were exchanges of gunfire and it will reinforce na may palitan ng putok.” Chief Sup. Carlos said.

Carlos also mentioned that the mayor tested positive of paraffin, he got two gunshot wounds that caused his death -one to the head, and one to the chest area.

While mayor’s wife Susan, sister Mona and brother Octavio Jr. died because of blast wound. The mentioned two ladies were not tested for paraffin as there were no firearms recovered from their bodies.

Out of the 15 people dead, only the Parojinogs’ permitted the autopsy for their relatives, the families of 7 amongst them refused to be tested.

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