An open letter by a known writer address to Duterte’s haters

After the president's speech before the medical practitioners last week in Davao, where he pointed out that even US is struggling to control its drug problem, then what more the Philippines?

A lot of Duterte supporters have been keeping mum about how anti-Duts throw sarcasm and hate at the presidenr and did not comment, but the usual fierce  Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu came can't be subdued.  Her every remarks burn and surely empower the people who always support Rodrido Duterte.

Here's the full open letter of Ms. Krizette Laureta Chu on her Facebook post:


Too many anti Dutertes thinking pro Dutertes care about the President's "can't solve the drug war" statement. LOL 

Here's a newsflash for you:

1. The statement that Duterte said about solving drugs in 3-6 months came in Feb 2016. Duterte threw his hat in the ring December 2015 because of the immense pressure from the Filipinos to run. So immense he was courted by Trillanes, Cayetano, etc; people had Duterte shirts printed even before he said YES; people begged Sara Duterte to run for Mayor and she had to shave her head; there was real and deafening clamor because people looked at the choices and found no one they liked. 

Whether or not he made that promise, we would have voted for him anyway. I didn't vote for him because of his drug policy, I voted for him initially because of what he did for my hometown of Leyte and his hometown of Davao. Meanwhile, Naga and Tarlac... 

2. We voted for him because he was the best choice, not because he promised to end the drug war in 6 months. Who, if not Duterte? The evil Mar? The clueless Grace? The brilliant but sadly dying Miriam? Binay, who didn't even stand a chance thanks to the effective demolition job of his critics? Duterte's reputation and work in Davao precedes him. Duterte dancing to Buduts is more votable than Mar carrying a sack of onions while directing traffic in the rain and eating rice from a cup. 

3 . Duterte's still a more decent human being than the Liberal Party candidates who stole your money so they could buy your votes. Look at how stupid they make their own supporters look. 

You know what your mom says about trying and trying until you succeed? She's right. 

Duterte tries. Fucking Mar knows where to get the drugs and voila, they're still there. 

4. Whether or not Duterte succeeds 100 percent in his drug war (and I believe he will) , he has done more than anyone in this issue and he is set to do more.  Shove your Schadenfreude up your woohoo, we really do not care. Duterte has done more for the fight against drugs in his one year in office more than all the Presidents in this country combined. And he has a lot more to do no thanks to the stupidity and corruption of his predecessor, the Aquino government.

5. I was in Quiapo the other day. Vendors say no more problems re drugs in their area but small time corruption from City government people. Kaya umayos kayo. That's what they say. Now I don't know who from the inside of Customs is trying to make Duterte look bad, but with that shipment someone is. 

I mean, really, drug lords and pushers dying and getting killed left and right and someone has the temerity to ship that big shipment and not expect to be apprehended? Masyado naman atang obvious. 

I believe the President is quiet because he is trying to figure out what exactly is happening. Now, if he could do for corruption in the government what he has done for the drug war, Ill be really grateful. Gusto ko ng "CORRUPT AKO, NANLABAN." But our LGUs need to be partners. Ayaw kasi isama ang graft and corruption sa death penalty e. 

5. Duterte pa rin mga ulol. So don't even. Duterte at his most ineffective worst is still way better than Mar or Leni at their best. Hurts, but that's the gosh darn truth."

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