Sunday, August 6, 2017

An open letter of a proud daughter who's father a former COMELEC Commissioner

Dra. Lorraine Badoy with President Duterte (photo from her FB account)

Posted by Dra. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, (one of President Rodrigo Duterte's loyal supporter and an Asec of DSWD) on her Facebook account is a story of a daughter who's got a COMELEC Commissioner as a father. 

"I have this favorite memory of my father when he was COMELEC Commissioner. This was the time when my brother and I were studying to be doctors and my father is no thief so he scrounged around for ways to support us.

And one time, it was tuition time again. I was in his car in COMELEC waiting for him because we were going to a rich relative. Papa was trying to sell a property to her so my brother and I would have tuition for med school.

And he slides in next to me and we wait because our driver, Mang Felipe is nowhere to be found. Finally, Mang Felipe arrives and he has a brief case that he gives my father.
And he says, "Bigay ho nung congressman."

Papa opens it and I see wads of peso bills--the briefcase is filled with it.

Papa closes the briefcase, hands it back to Mang Felipe and says to him, "Sabihin mo kay congressman hindi nya ito kailangang gawin. Kung panalo sha talaga, sha ang idedeclare na panalo."

Mang Felipe does as he is instructed. And he returns, and we drive off to papa's relative (who, by the way, snootily turned my father down.)

At that time, it hurt so much to see my father treated shabbily. But now I would like to thank him. My throat hurts. I want to cry with love and pride for my father. He was so far from perfect. His private life was a royal mess, for instance.

But where the Filipino people are concerned, he was faithful and true."

Dra. Badoy's father is also a former Sandiganbayan Associate Justice.