Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A grieving father's raw emotion, condemns Siliman University, LP and Church who rallied for addicts

A screenshot from Nino Pinero's FB post 

As the critics of President Rodrigo Duterte went full blown in showing that death of 17-year old Kian Delos Santos is the last straw to stop the anti-drugs campaign, many Filipino still support the aim of the government to eradicate drugs in the country. 

While the anti-Duterte rallied over the killings; the love ones of the rape victims, daughters, unborn children and other members of the family who were brutally killed by drug addicts were also calling for justice.

A Facebook post from Nino Pinero, a grieving father whose daughter was allegedly killed by a drug addict in Siquijor caught the attention of the netizens. 

Pinero showed his rage as he condemns Siliman University and a youth organization that rallied and held vigils over the death of Delos Santos, a suspected drug courier and for other victims of drug war. 

He also called on the senators and the Catholic Church, below is one of Perino’s FB post.

"My Nikki Piñero and her unborn child, and to Lorraine Ramirez who were brutally murdered in Siquijor. 

Ito ang ginawa ng mga drug addict supporters: 

1. Rally sa mga LP.
2. Roman Catholic Bell Ringing every afternoon sa mga drug addict to be save.
3. CHR investigating for the loss of drug addict(s), and   
4. Wow sa mga Phil. Senators may investigation for the drug addicts but to the victims no more.
 Kitang-kita na kung sino talaga ang mga drug lord dito sa Pilipinas. 
I curse all these people that what had happened to me and my family it will happen to you. 


There are voices that condemn drug war, and there are cries of those who lost their love ones because of drugs addicts.

In line with the recent incidents, a real solution is what the country needed, steel mind and heart to withstand the challenges and continue the fight.

Source: Facebook