Friday, August 11, 2017

2 senators want Faeldon to resign from BOC

Senator Kiko Pangilinan and Richard Gordon (ctto)

Manila, Philippines - On Friday, some senators ask Malacanang to listen to appeal coming from Senate and House for Bureau of Customs (BOC) Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon to resign.

In a text message, Senator Francis “kiko” Pangilinan said, “The bipartisan clamor should be enough basis for Malacanang to show the door to the commissioner and a number of his people,”
Pangilinan pointed out that there were other appointees with lighter offenses than what Faeldon allegedly committed as BOC chair who also got fired.

“Many other appointees have been fired for lesser offenses. We trust that Malacañang will heed the calls and act accordingly. The question was whether they think the P6.4-billion shabu smuggling controversy is getting closer (or) will reach the doorsteps of Malacañang,” Pangilinan said.

Meanwhile, Senator Richard Gordon of the blue ribbon committe, said that Faeldon had placed himself in a position that should force him to resign out of delicadeza.

“I have been asked why I want Commissioner Faeldon to resign. My answer is not so much that I want him to; but, that his performance in the Bureau of Customs has proven to be a failure. He has placed himself in a position that was/is way above his head. Is there, thus, a need for a call for Faeldon’s resignation? No, he does not need prodding in that regard. His dismal performance did him in,” Gordon explained on his statement.

“He bungled the anti-drug (P6.4B shabu) raid. None has been arrested for two and a half months now, save for a caretaker-cum-fall-guy,” he added.

Furthermore, Gordon also vowed to push the investigation especially after the recent discovery of three crates with cylinders inside in Valenzuela, believed to be filled with 1,800kg of shabu.