Viral: Hermes bags collection of Nova Parojinog exposed

Collage photos of Nova Parojinog with her collections / photo from For the Motherland's FB post (ctto)

People are now demanding to know as to where Nova’s money came from to afford these expensive collections.

After the raids conducted by the Crime Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) and the Ozamis Police that led to the death of the city mayor, wife and others, the daughter, Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog was also arrested.

Followed by her arrest is the exposé of her expensive and millions-worth collection of Hermes bags and other valuables.

A recent Facebook post of blogger For the Motherland- Sass Rogando Sasot has gone viral as it features a new game that involves basic math. The game is to count how many Hermes bags the vice mayor has.

Hermes bags price ranges from US5000 to US70000, according to Google and the commenters of Sasot’s post who also shared their opinions.

The blogger also went on to post a photo of the vice mayor’s Hermes slippers during her arrest that approximately costs USD600.

As of this writing, several videos are uploaded in youtube showcasing the parades of Hermes bags by Nova.

Nova Parojinog is now in Manila and under the custody of the Philippine National Police at PNP Custodial Center in Camp Crame.

And here are some comments reaction of the netizens from the famous blog post of Ms. Sasot:

Michael Otazu wrote: There always has been rumors around their town as to how notorious this family’s involvement in drugs for years now and it’s only a matter of time that they would end up as casualties of this war. The writings have been all over the wall.

Mae Kyle commented: How could she afford bumili ng madaming Hermes bags if mayor lang ang tatay niya at vice mayor sya. Madaming pera pa la sa Ozamis.

Charito Joan Soled Sotnas also said: Sila ung kapag pasko ang decoration sa loob ng bahay ay pera. Nakasabit sa mga dingding tig 5 hundred. Dami nilang dedang dahils sa. “S”.


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