Monday, July 10, 2017

The deception story of Maute 'child warrior', asked to behead a target as part of the training

photo from GMA News Online (ctto)

A 17-year old Maute recruit shares his story to the media. He narrated how he was befriended by foreigners after he and his mother went to pray in a local mosque in Piagapo, a municipality in Lanao del Sur.

Faisal, not his real name, told the reporters that he started his training with Maute group at the age of 10. He said that they were given money amounting to P15,000, monthly and additional of P5,000 after they pass the training.

"P15,000 kada buwan. Kapag mag-graduate ka sabi ng trainor namin madadagdagan ng P5,000... Magiging P20,000," he said.

Fasal also mentioned that before they could graduate from training and be accepted as part of the group, they have to pass a final test. They were tasked to capture a target and bring his head, to prove their worth.

According to some reports, this ISIS inspired group targeted minors for their recruits’ from ages seven to 17 years old. 

Faisal also narrated that they trained for almost three months inside the camp, waking up at 5 in the morning to train. They were also taught how to endure pain and torture. 

After the training, newbies were sent home and told to standby for their leader’s call. 

As the Marawi war begun, Faisal said that he really did not want to join the fight. However, he was told that women fighters were already killed by soldiers for no reason. Hearing the news from one Maute fighter, Faisal eventually decided to fight to avenge their women.

He was then given an M16 rifle and a M203 grenade launcher by his commander who allegedly went by the name of Abduljabbar Maute-Usman.
On his first weeks in Marawi war zone, he was assigned as part of the group’s logistics unit that supplied ammunition and guns to fighters.
He added that the group had thousands of bullet supply hidden in various houses in Marawi, months before the conflict started on May 23.
He remembered that the members multiplied after the fight erupted. Members like him showed up, even the escaped prisoners from district jail joined as well as other residents who were part of the Maute group.
Seeing how the war affected his hometown, he now regrets his decision in joining the group and after learning that he was deceived. 

He later on found out that there were no women fighters died or killed by the government forces.

 Sources: GMA News Online , ABS CBN, News5