Wednesday, July 12, 2017

'Leni Robredo: The Ambasadress of Badwill' says a Duterte supporter

A screenshot of Vice President Leni Robredo

By: Dra. Lorraine T. Badoy

Coffee break chika. 
I see. 
Hirap na hirap pa rin intindihin ng ibang tao ang sinabi ko when I called the VP “Uncle Sam’s Basurera”. 
And because they don’t see the Unseen Hand that wants them to see what It wants them to see, I would like try one more time before I wear my T’Boli costume and try for the interpretative dancing version of my piece. 
One more time with feelings, beybeh.
My piece wasn’t about reuse/reduce/recycle/making tipid/being creative and frugal. 
But about a Vice President of this country who pals it up with AMERICANS who are hellbent on taking down a DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES. 
A betrayal so utterly complete, she has become the source of scorn and derision by the very people she swore to serve. (See your numbers tumbling down, Leni? That’s the snapshot of our collective rage against you.)
A Vice President who continues to shame us abroad—in UN bodies and international circles- by painting a most despairing picture of our country—just when we are picking up. Just when we have become the 10th fastest growing economy in the world. 
Just when the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of us are hopeful in ways we’ve not been in AGES when we were governed by the most corrupt, incompetent, heartless, self absorbed bastards. 
Just when we are making headway in the peace process. (See, the Unseen Hand doesn’t want the peace process to succeed. Interesting, right?)
And all these, on no small amount, because we have, as the most powerful man in the country, a most brilliant, hardworking President whose heart is CLEARLY for the Filipino people and who will go to the ends of the earth to do all that he has set out to do to take MILLIONS out of the living hell they were stuck in because we had USELESS, CORRUPT PRESIDENTS before him. 
And I’ve been taken to task for BULLYING the Vice President of the Land. 
The Unseen Hand is doing a Cory 2.0 with Leni Robredo, trying Its hardest best to make it stick -this “wawa naman si Leni, ang simple simple/widow” Blah blah. 
Nice try.
It’s not bullying when a mere Asst. Secretary with an office budget of 2.6 million (kasama na don sweldo ng staff at Goldilocks cake for visitors. Sagot ko pa toilet paper ha.) takes on the MOST POWERFUL WOMAN OF THIS COUNTRY with an office budget in the hundreds of millions PLUS backers who have billions of dollars coming out of their ears. 
What it is is a David and Goliath situation with me trying to sling Goliath between her eyes so she stops dead on her tracks, and stops obstructing a most hardworking and sincere President.
The Vice President ought to stop doing the dirty job for America—stop being Uncle Sam’s basurera—and help the President get our country on high ground. 
It is a hard enough job without the 2nd most powerful official of the land obstructing his every move and undermining him and painting a vastly untrue picture of him to her American pals—Loida and the walang modo ex-Pinoys who constantly meddle in the affairs of the country they, long ago, left. 
It is challenging enough without the Vice President of the Land being the Ambassadress of Badwill of her own Country.
And if she cannot work with him, she ought to just sit this one out. 
Millions—MILLIONS!- of Filipinos are so so sooo eager to rebuild and create the country we ache to have-where we can all live our best lives in. 
She should just get out of our way. 
PS. Pag me lumabas na naman sa bibig nyo na “reuse/reduce/recycle/environment/frugal/stop bullying the VP”, magpopost na ako ng video ng interpretative dancing ko.